What is Truth ?

‘Spin’ – a dangerous weapon in the hands of politicians and others who seek to manipulate our minds. That’s how they seek to convince us of their ‘truth’ which is often in fact a lie.

The camera may not lie, but photographic and video images can be manipulated so that a lie or a partial truth masquerades as reality.

The smoothest talker may well be the biggest liar. And just because someone speaks poor English or is comparatively inarticulate does not mean they are not speaking the truth.

An independent mind is essential to unravel the complexities of the modern world.

Some newspapers and TV ‘news’ channels are just purveyors of the propaganda of the rich, the powerful or the bigoted.

And even the best media outlets all too often focus on what makes the best ‘story’ – and remove their gaze from matters which are far more important but not so easy to illustrate.

Too many people are ripe for manipulation – a captive audience reading or watching not to find out the truth, but simply because they want to have their prejudices confirmed.

As we discuss the issues of the day with our friends and family, are we speaking the truth or just disseminating lies and half-truths ?


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