British Values – who abandoned them?

“We need to live in a fairer society. I’ve been a socialist all my life and I’ve never voted anything other than Labour. Historians will look back on this and say this is Thatcher’s legacy. Without her this wouldn’t have happened. She destroyed everything that made us British. She destroyed Ravenscraig when it was the most productive steel plant in Europe, she destroyed the coal mines, it was part of our identity and the whole sense of Britishness went out the window. We’ll never get it back..All these MPs who came up here, it’s desperate and patronising. Have they finally woken up to the fact that something is going on up here?”

– George Gray,65, from Paisley – quoted in Sunday Herald, 14 September 2014.

“The No camp tell us that we are the separatists, that we’re splitting the Union, divorcing, breaking up Britain, ripping things up, abandoning Britain and its common British values.
The irony is that it’s not Scotland that’s abandoning the British values that have bound us on both sides of the Border. It’s Westminster, the London City state and its rich elites who have abandoned the British values my father and millions of others fought for in the Second World War.
The ideology that threw away the values of the post-war consensus and sold them off to the highest bidder, the values that my parents and grandparents believed in – they did believe that we were “all in it together” ..the values that created the welfare state, the health service, that believed the state had a moral, as well as a social responsibility, to care for the sick, the poor, the disabled, the dispossessed..a society that would do its best to make people’s lives better”

– extract from an article by Eliane C Smith in Sunday Herald, 14 September 2014.


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